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Burstfire - Annealer - Aluminum Upper Wheel - MAGNUM


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Availble now and included / shipping with Burstfire 2 in 1 annealer!

Aluminum Wheel - Top - Magnum

  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
  • Red Anodized
  • Magnum wheel will accommodate cases larger than 13mm (300 win mag), and up to 15mm (338 lapua)
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • ***Aluminum magnum wheels are included with purchase of our 2 in 1 Case Annelaer & Prep Center.  *****But, if you somehow damage it because you want to torture test it, full blast it with the torch etc, you can purchase a spare/replacement here.
  • This is made specifically for the Burstfire Annealer. Will not work on other annealers on the market. 
  • ***For existing customers, if you purchased prior to 04/06/2022 and did not receive a set, please use coupon code: MAGWHEEL to redeem for a FREE set.

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