Burstfire - Primer Pocket Go Gauge Set


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Burstfire - Primer Pocket Go-Gauge Set

  • Never guess again if your primer pockets were properly reamed or swaged.
    Include large & small primer pocket gauge
  • Enlarged body, curved / wave design for a secure grip to be held by hand
  • It can also be attached to an existing industry standard 8/32 threaded hand tool handle, to maximize comfort.
  • We all want a tight primer pocket, that will not loosen up before our brass fails. Especially if you use expensive brass.
  • Using small primer pocket as an example. Our small gauge is made to 0.1725. Variation for small primers is 0.1745 - 0.1755 in diameter. ***Majority of small primers will be 0.175.
  • We have found, a .175 primer, can be inserted in a .1725 pocket on a press, but may meet some resistance at .1755 (Will not work in most cases if hand priming. In this case simply set up the reamer / Swager to go just a tad bit further). 
  • if you want the highest level of precision and control, this is it. But keep in mind there are variations from brand to brand, and lot to lot. Cup thickness is a factor in if it will fit or how easily it will fit as well.