About us

We are based in San Ramon, California. 


We operate on 3 principles:

  • Transparency  
  • Honesty
  • World class customer service 


We are different:

  • We believe customers deserve what they paid for. The old American way! But unfortunately it’s mostly lost in today’s “profit first” market. Well, we are putting customers first! 
  • Our products are designed with a focus on quality & function, to produce the best product aesthetically, functionally, efficient, and most importantly at an affordable price.
  • “Wow” is the  word we want customers to say to themselves the moment they open the box, or after engaging with our world class customer service! Top quality product, packaging, and the overall experience engaging with us / our site. 
  • We will never sacrifice profit for quality and service. And we have proven that to our customers over, and over, and over again.