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NEW - Gen 2 - Burstfire -2 in 1 - Annealer & Case Prep Center

Save on the 3 things most of us don’t have enough of. Time, Money, and Bench / Storage space. Introducing the first of its kind! Annealing & Case Prep Center Combo! Do all your case prep with a single, compact unit! Automated the process of annealing. Extend brass case life. Improve consistency and accuracy. Case prep center will enhance brass case prep speed, consistency, and uniformity.

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NEW GEN 2 - Burstfire 2 in 1 Annealing & Case Prep Center


Complete Case Prep Tool Kit

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Burstfire Annealer Short Case Feed Ramp

Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp

Attached between the two wheels to accommodate short cases such as 38/357, 44 mag, 44-40, 300 blkout, 6mm BR.

The feed ramp is magnetic, offering a simple, toolless adapter that can be quickly attached and removed, with the purpose to further expose the necks of the shorter cases. Simplifying torch adjustment and annealing process.

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Burstfire Neck Tension Gauges

Introducing the Burstfire Neck Tension Gauge - The essential tool for any serious reloading enthusiast. This device accurately measures the amount of tension inside the neck of your brass cases, ensuring consistent and precise neck tension every time.

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