Orders and Shipping



Yes, we ship to most countries. Delivery time may vary. Example: it takes 90 days for South Africa post office to release shipment. If possible, please select UPS or DHL as your shipping option.

For all international order, flat rate shipping will be shipping using UPS or DHL. If shipped to a PO Box, please select USPS shipping option. 



A: You can expect your order to ship within 1 business days under normal circumstances. Any delays will be posted on the front page or products leg for that specific item. Please email us at Info@burstfireguns.com if you questions regarding your order. Once item has been processed for shipping, it cannot be canceled. Once processed / shipped, it will be processed as a return. A 5% restocking fee minus original shipping cost (regardless if you received free shipping) will be deducted from refund amount. Please refer to return policies for additional details.



Backorder will ship when all items in orders are ready to ship. If you need in stock items to ship first, you will need to place a separate order. One order for In stock items, and another for backordered items. 


Payment Options


A: We currently accept all major credit cards, and electronic payments as a form of payment through our web store. No additional fees to use credit payments. Credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. 


Q: Do you offer special discounts? 

A: Of course we do! We offer MIL, LEO, and First responder discounts (active or retired) and also industry peers (brand / product mfg. not general retailers).  Inquire for more info. 

  1. Set up an account on our website
  2. Email sales@burstfireguns.com with your MIL/LEO ID or any supporting doc or work email will do.
  3. Once received, we will review and respond within 48 hours.
  4. Once approved and set up is complete, your account will be set up to use a couple of unique coupon codes. One for annealer, and another for parts and accessories.



Warranty, Exchange, Defective products

Warranty on Non-Burstfire Product Line: Any item that are open / used / installed, and are defective, or have cosmetic blemishes that are not to your satisfaction, please contact the manufacturer directly under manufacturer's warranty for a replacement. 

Warranty on Burstfire Line of Products:

Burstfire Annealer / Case Prep Combo / Prep Tools:

  • Lifetime warranty on the hardware (case, screws, bolts, handle bar, etc) from defects in workmanship. Wear and tear, misuse / abuse of the item are not covered by the warranty.
  • 1yr warranty from purchase date on wear and tear parts such as electronic components, motor, torch, and hose.
  • Any attempt to temper with the internal wiring and components will void the warranty. Assembly and disassembly of the torch holder and wheels does NOT affect the warranty.

Burstfire Case Prep Tools: 

  • Lifetime warranty on the hardware (handles and tools) from defects in workmanship.

All warranty request must be submitted to: info@burstfireguns.com. Customer is responsible for shipping on replacement parts.

For warranry repairs, customer is responsible for all shipping cost. Including shipping of the unit or parts to Burstfire for repair/inspection, and shipping the repaired unit back to you.

Please email info@burstfireguns.com if you have any questions. 


FAQ - Burstfire 2 in 1 Annealer & Prep Center

Q: Where is it made? 

A: It is assembled in Taiwan. Key components such as the aluminum wheels and other parts are made in-house by us. Other components are sourced using premium quality imported parts (LCD, motors, wires, etc). 

Final assembly is done in Taiwan, through a verified facility, to ensure the highest level of production efficiency, quality, and extensive QC process, on a level no small or medium size shop in US can achieve on their own. Many companies use cheap imported parts, but simply assemble it I. US, just so they can say it’s “made in USA”. We will never sacrifice quality just so we can call it “made in USA”. 



Q: Does it support high voltage outlets used in certain countries? 

A: Yes. It will support 100-240V / 50-60Hz outlets. It is a US based kettle lead wire. To use it outside of US, simply use a plug adapter.



Q: Case not turning or turning consistently? 

A: Ensure both Case & Wheel is free of lube. O ring on the wheel have grease from the manufacturing process. We do take steps to clean and remove them, in bulk. If you are experiencing rotation issues, thoroughly clean the wheel using a degreaser, such as brake / engine cleaner. It may take a couple of cleaning to remove it (even if not visible to the eyes). Alcohol is not sufficient to remove the grease. 

***Also make sure your torch and propane canister is working properly. Defective torch or propane can spew liquid propane (oily) onto the wheel. 



Q: Does it work / Will it fit (xxx) case? 

A: The unit comes included with both Standard and Magnum wheel. 

- Standard wheel (12.50mm base diameter): Will accommodate 223 and up to 308 

- Magnum wheel (up to 15.50mm base diameter): Will accommodate 308 and up to 338 Lapua

- Small wheel (8.50mm wide opening) (optional); Will accommodate 17/22 horner, 5x7, or any case up to 8.5mm in base diameter. 

- ***Extra wide Magnum Wheel (top and bottom): Available upon request.



Q: Long cases tipping over?

A: First, please make sure your table is leveled. For any cases supported on the machine (up to 338 Lapua), on very rare occasions, we have customers reporting 300 win mag or 338 lapua tipping over through the feed process. We have not been able to replicate the issue in the shop (even with customer’s own machine and brass). Bl

Nonetheless, if you are expecting this issue. You have 2 options: 

1) The front cushion feet on the machine is tilt adjustable. By turning the feet approx 1 full turn, slightly tilting the unit backwards, can resolve this issue. 

2) We have available (upon request), Extra wide magnum wheel. They are 5mm thicker in dimensions, properly securing the longer cases in place. Reach out to us via email for additional info if you prefer option 2 VS option 1. 



For additional warranty info and questions, please email info@burstfireguns.com