Burstfire - Primer Pocket Uniformer Set


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Burstfire - Primer Pocket Uniformer Set (Large & Small)

  • Like everything Burstfire, our Pocket uniformed is improved over rest on the market!
  • So what’s diff? All pocket uniformer in the market are made way too small. Result is it creates a circular wobble when attempting to “uniform” the pocket. Which results in more effort/time to cut and uniform the pocket, evenly. 
  • our is made to the correct dimension, cutting the primer pockets at the correctly dimensions in both width and depth, effectively removing that wobble effect, and just enough that it does not remove any metal on the pocket wall. 
  • Purpose: Uniform uneven primer pockets, to ensure reliable primer ignition, and/or to prevent the possibility of slam-fire from primer not being seated deep enough.
  • Another use case is to remove the protruding flash hole, caused by using incorrect decapping pin on smaller or undersized flash holes, causing flash hole to be punched outwards, and deformed.
  • Industry standard 8/32 thread can be attached to any prep tool handle, or atop a Case Prep Center. 

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