Neck Tension Gauge
Neck Tension Gauge

Neck Tension Gauge


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***Introducing the Burstfire Neck Tension Gauge - The essential tool for any serious reloading enthusiast. This device accurately measures the amount of tension inside the neck of your brass cases, ensuring consistent and precise neck tension every time.

Neck tension gauges are handy tools for reloaders who want to achieve consistent and accurate bullet seating. They allow you to measure the inside diameter of your case necks. By using neck tension gauges, you can avoid excessive or insufficient neck tension, which can affect the accuracy and performance of your ammunition.

One is the key benefits of  annealing brass cases is to maintain a consistent neck tension in order to achieve optimal performance and accuracy. The Neck Tension Gauge allows you to easily measure the amount of tension in your brass cases, ensuring that each case is precisely what it should be. 

Burstfire neck tension gauges are easy to use and come in different 7 sizes to suit your reloading needs. They have 5 stepped diameters metal tool. You simply insert the tool into the neck of your sized case and slide it until one of the diameters fits snugly. If it stops at the first notch (from bottom), you have 0.001 neck tension, 2nd notch 0.002, and up to 0.005. 

With its simple design and easy-to-read gauge, the Neck Tension Gauge is an essential tool for any reloader or shooter who demands the highest level of accuracy and consistency from their ammunition.

If you are serious about reloading and want to achieve the best possible performance from your ammunition, the Neck Tension Gauge is a must-have tool. With its precision measurement capabilities and rugged stainless steel construction, it will provide you with years of reliable service and help you to achieve the ultimate level of consistency and accuracy in your shooting experience. 


Burstfire Neck Tension Gauges is a 5 Step Gauge, in 0.001 increments starting at .001 below bullet dimension. Example: .224 starts at .223 at the bottom, and up to .219. For precision loading, you typically look for 0.001 neck tension. So your case should all stop on the first notch of the gauge (from bottom). If it bottoms out, you likely don’t have enough neck tension. If you can’t insert it on top one (0.219), it means you have more than 0.005 and likely too much neck tension. 

  • .224 Gauge - 0.219 - 0.223
  • .243 Gauge - 0.242 - 0.238
  • .264 Gauge - 0.263 - 0.259
  • .277 Gauge - 0.276 - 0.272
  • .284 Gauge - 0.283 - 0.279
  • .308 Gauge - 0.307 - 0.303
  • .338 Gauge - 0.337 - 0.333

***May have variation of 0.0003” or less 


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Customer Reviews

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Lloyd Teitelbaum
Burstfire Neck Gages

All I can say is: OUTSTANDING!!! It sure makes determining neck tension a lot quicker. I measured each step on the gages and they were spot on. Thanks Burstfire!!

Great piece.

I bought it with the handle, works wonderful.

Can't manage what you can't measure

I'm shocked at the variation this tool reveals! Simple to use.

Rex Dickens
Best guage to buy!

Fine quality tools to make your shooting a hole in one. Built to exact measurements per my calipers. This should help ease people's mind on the amount of neck tension they are getting per the die cycle. Recommend very highly.........

Tension tool

It's a quick check to see if you are getting even neck tension from different brands of brass