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Burstfire - Toolless Adjustable Swivel Torch Holder


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BURSTFIRE - Toolless Adjustment 360 Swivel Torch Holder

ship date: 02/21/2023

***Can be fitted to both Gen 1 and Gen 2 machines, as well as other 3rd party annealers out there. The kit includes a 6mm drill bit, and all mounting hardware. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Not working

I purchased one of the newer Gen 2 Burst Fire Annealer units, and it came with this torch holder. It doesn't work well. The 'U joint' piece that everything connects to, is made of a type of plastic. It flexes under tightening, and the torch pretty much falls where it wants to. I'm currently looking for other options from my local hardware store parts bind to try and put together a better clamping device.

Hi TC, sorry to hear you’re having issues. Happy to assist.

The entire unit is contracted of metal, except part of the locking tabs. However, the tabs are quite strong and we have never heard or experience a single breakage. It also shouldn’t flex where to prevents you from tighting it down. It is secure enough where if something bumps it, it wouldn’t move the position of the torch.

If you feel yours is defective, happy to provide replacement parts. Just send us an email.

However, do want to point out, if you loosen the tabs too wide, and the 2 metal plates spreads too far apart, the ball joints that are pivoting the movements will come out of its socket and need to be repositioned. Quite simple, but if not positioned back into the hole, it will do exactly as you may have described, “falls where it wants to”.

Please double check, and let us know if we can further assist. Thank you.

Great Addition

Great addition to any annealing machine torch setup. Allows easy flame pointing adjustments.
Good price and quickly shipped.

Perfect upgrade!

The new adjustable torch holder is the perfect upgrade and must have for your annealer! Very high quality, reasonably priced and fast shipping!
Thanks Burstfire for your excellent products & customer service!

A lifesaver

The new torch holder is a lifesaver. Much easier to use and safer. I can adjust it easer and it stays adjusted. A great company to work with. Thanks

paul sullivan

Absolutely brilliant well made. Simple to fit works as it should great quality materials