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Burstfire - Toolless Adjustable Swivel Torch Holder


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  • An upgrade / replacement over the standard turnbuckle based torch mount. 
  • Tool less adjustments - No need to use tools to secure or adjust the position of the torch. 
  • Improved torch angle - The unique torch holder and its tool less swivel adjustments, allows for more adjustability / positions. 
  • Improved flame control - Ability to bring the torch right up against the brass neck. Lower flame, but increases hat temperature with more blue flame coverage around the case. It also means quicker annealing time = reduced time to anneal per case  = increased overall output / volume. 
  • Reduce cost - Reduce amount of gas used through improve positioning. Higher temperature, lower torch flame, and increase annealing speed means less gas used = cost savings. 
  • ***Very minor fitting required. All tools included. 
  • Please visit tutorial page for detailed installation video (will be uploaded shortly)