Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp
Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp
Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp
Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp

Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp


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Toolless - Short Case Feed Ramp

***First and foremost, this is FREE for existing customs who owns a Burstfire Annelaer, or any new customers. 

The primary goal of this adapter is to accommodate pistol cartridges such as 38/357, 44-40, 45 colt etc that were previously too short. You do NOT need this for rifle cases. However, it does simplify torch adjustment for the rifle cases. 


Attached between the two wheels to accommodate short cases such as 38/357, 44 mag, 44-40, 300 blkout, 6mm BR.

The feed ramp is magnetic, offering a simple, toolless adapter that can be quickly attached and removed, with the purpose to further expose the necks of the shorter cases. Simplifying torch adjustment and annealing process. 

  • They are FREE for ALL existing customers
  • To redeem for a FREE set, use coupon code: SHORTY
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