Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center
Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center

Burstfire 2 in 1 Case Annealer & Case Prep Center


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Update 08/11/2022 : Current ETA for the NEW GEN 2 is 08/17/2022

***ETA 07/28 ship date for the new Gen 2 has been further delayed, due to Trucker protest at Oakland Port, blocking workers and delivery trucks from entering or exiting.

*As a result of the anticipted delay from original ETA of 07/28, we will upgrade all shipping on all pre-orders from economy shipping (5-8 business days), expedited shipping (2-4 business days).

Please check front page for updates. Thank you for your continued patience.



Introducing, The first of its kind, Burstfire, 2-in-1 Brass Case Annealing Machine and Case Prep Center! 

Automate the process of brass case annealing, speed up the process & accuracy of case prepping! 

GEN 2 Brass Case Annealer / Annealing Machine:

  • New on Gen 2 - All Red Anodized Aluminum Wheels (Standard, Magnum, and Bottom Rotation Wheel). Now standard on all Gen 2 units!
  • New on Gen 2 - Upgraded Toolless Adjustment 360 Swivel Torch Holder. The only toolless torch holder design on the market! Now standard on all Gen 2 units! 
  • New on Gen 2 - Updated, sleek, glossy glass digital display for speed Controller. 
  • New on Gen 2 - Improved / Updated speed control to a sleek and silky smooth turn knob design. Provides both speed, and simplified speed change operation. 
  • New on Gen 2 - Upgraded Door Actuator. Instant drop. Minimize time brass stays in the heat once it's done. 
  • New on Gen 2 - Updated chute design. Improved feeding when processing large batches / full chute.
  • New on Gen 2 - Upgraded, Tilt adjustable feet. Improved feeding. 
  • New on Gen 2 - No complicated set up required! Ready to go out of box! Well, we lied. Simply attach the torch to the torch holder, and ready to go in 15 seconds! No messing around with finicky set ups like other units out there.
  • New on Gen 2 - New color! Now available in RED (limited edition).
  • Powered by 6 independently driven high torque motor. Unlike all other Annealer, it has no plastic parts, and not gear driven. Each motor is rated for 30k+ hours. No single point of failure! 
  • Precision Laser cut steel panels, with a beautiful durable, wear/scratch resistant finish. Not like you’re going to beat on it, but it’s what you would call, “built like a tank”.  
  • Brass case capacity is approximately 200 cases (dependent on caliber)
  • Mechanically operated case release / drop, eliminating the need to have to adjust / tune it based on case size.
  • Aluminum Standard size wheels will accommodate cases from 300 blkout, 6BR, 223, and up to 30-06.
  • Aluminum Magnum wheels will accommodate cases up to 338 Lapua Magnum or similar cases.
  • No complicated assembly, finicky set up / adjustments needed out of box! Open the box, attach the torch to the ring, and you're ready to go!

Case Prep Center:

  • Prep Center is powered by 4 independently operated high torque motorized heads that will accept any industry standard 8/32 thread attachments for Debur, chamfer, primer pocket reamer, pocket uniformer, flashhole uniformer, etc
  • Case Prep Center Attachments are sold separatelyif you do not have them already. ***Check out our Burstfire Ultimate Case PrepTool Kit
  • One of four motors operates at reduced speed, to allow for precision work normally done by hand.
  • Prep center can be operated upright, or laid down on the steel handle, to maximize comfort, based on your personal preference. 
  • On/Off switch independent from Case Annealer. 
  • Steel handle for easy carrying. 


Compared to other annealers on the market:

  •  Burstfire Brass Annealer is powered by 6 independently operated high torque motor, rated for 30k+ hours. Not gear driven through a single motor like all others on market. NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE!
  • No plastic parts. Only extensively tested, premium parts are used.
  • The only 2 in 1 Annealing Machine on the market! Combining both Case Annealer + Case Prep Center!
  • We don’t use only imported / China parts, assemble them in our shop and call it “made in USA”. We use premium quality imported, and also US made parts! Proudly assembled in a certified facility (Taiwan), ensuring highest level of consistency in production quality and QC we or any other small/medium shop can achieve! 
  • All of the above while providing you the best deal / “bang for your buck” on the market! There’s no secret to this. It’s a simple customer centric approach. Customers deserves what they paid for, and receive world class customer service by our team here at BFG! It’s that simple. 

Again, we believe customers deserve what they paid for. Designed with a focus on quality & function, to produce the best product aesthetically, functionally, efficient, and most importantly at an affordable price. “Wow” is the  word we want customers to say to themselves the moment they open the box, or after engaging with our world class customer service! 



  • ***Brass shavings WILL NOT interfere with annealing wheels / operation. This is no different than any other prep center. When standing upright, 95% of shavings will gather around the attachments, for easy clean up. Anything that falls outside of it are quite minimal, and most caught by the chute, which can be easily wiped off with finger tip or a small brush. Wheel design has space between, so anything shavings would fall right through. The steel rod attached to the wheel is a circular design, and shaving does NOT build up in this area. 
  • If laid on the handle, you can put a catcher below it to catch any brass shavings. 


What's included?

  • Burstfire 2 in 1 Brass Case Annealer & Case Prep Center Gen 2
  • Bernzomatic UL2317 Pencil Flame Torch
  • Torch Extension Hose 60”
  • Red Anodized 6061 Aluminum Upper Wheels - Standard & Magnum Size.
  • Red Anodized 6061 Aluminum Bottom / Rotation Wheel.
  • Toolless Adjustment 360 Swivel Torch Holder
  • Integrated 110V - 240v Power Supply (international customers simply need to purchase a plug outlet adapter.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (download user guide / operating manual for details)

***Disclaimer:  Download the safety & operating manual, and carefully read through manual prior to setting up and operating the machine. Failure to do so may lead to misuse of this equipment, causing serious injuries or property damage. 

Visit Tutorial page on Burstfireguns website for video instructions & demo:


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